Accelerating the future of
neurotech R&D

NeuraDAO is creating a democratized, circular funding ecosystem to accelerate neurotech R&D.

the problem

The current lifecycle of neurotech research is broken

The status quo of academic research is a complex maze of inefficient, top-down bureaucracy, misaligned incentives and siloed data and intellectual property.

our vision

A global decentralized ecosystem for neurotech research & IP

We are bringing back ownership of cutting-edge neurotech to the people who need it most and democratizing data access for the neurohackers making a change.


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the problem

A government initiates a research grant RFP

Using funds raised by taxpayers, the government (in the US) funds 50%-70% of all academic research. However, despite funding the research, taxpayers get no fractional return on their investment.

the problem

Researchers apply for the grant

In academia, if you don't get funding you don't have a wage and most grants don't go to early career researchers. As a result, researchers spend around 50% of their time applying for grants since there are few other sources of early-stage funding

the problem

Researchers develop IP and data after R&D

Most IP is poorly managed at best and improperly incentivized for development at worst. Furthermore, sharing data isn't incentivized. R&D isn't collaborative, leading it to be an expensive, and siloed ecosystem.